Sparkle Dare, putting a little extra fabulous in to every day

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The ever fabulous Fox in Flats put out a daring 7 day challenge to her followers to wear a little bit of sparkle every day.  I’ve been known to rock a sparkle or two, so I totally had this one covered.  Or so I thought! Here’s my efforts for #sparkledare:

These are my all time favourite sparkly ballet flats, I live in these! So it’s no surprise that I took them to the movies for a vino!  The top was one of my first serious forays into sparkle, before it was mainstream.  I am quite devastated that though the cotton is deliciously thin, it’s that thin that I put my thumb through it three times on the hem as I was straightening it over my muffin top.  It’s been relegated to the glamorous housework pile in the wardrobe.

We went to the park and bumped into old friends.  This little teacup Maltese hopped up on my lap and barked at anyone else who came near.  She’s normally rocking diamonds on her collar, but today she was working studs.  They sparkled, sort of, so they’re in.  This is my kick-arse gladiator type terminator android looking ring that my sister gave me for my birthday and I frikken love it.  The day started a little brisk and so it was a perfect excuse to whip out my fave trans-seasonal waterfall sequin number and team it with my wardrobe staples of animal print and dark denim.


I had the kind of Monday I’d rather forget, woke up late and it snowballed from there.  As I was sitting in a boring meeting and doing a mental checklist of everything I had to do I almost had a heart attack that I wasn’t wearing any sparkle (and tweeted so).  Right before my high school bestie admonished me and threatened to report me to the fash police, I remembered that I was wearing sparkly earrings – phewwwww!  That’s not me (yet again) in Spotlight, buying (even more) shit I don’t need. Ok?  You know how they (the science geeks) say that once you notice something, you see it everywhere?  Well check this sparkle ingenuity out that I noticed en route to the park, amazeballs right?  Cut to last night and pulled out my fave sparkle bolero to wear to the Duran Duran concert.  When the band came out on stage and Nick Rhodes was wearing a sparkle blazer and then later Simon le Bon (insert swoon) changed into a sparkle shirt (to match me) I nearly passed out!

This challenge has been 10,000% fun and I absolutely look forward to more!  If nothing else it reminded me to make sure I put a little extra fabulous in my day and not stay stuck in a style rut.  What have you experimented with lately to try and reclaim your stylish self??

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